Monday, November 8, 2010

Experiencing Rotorua!

It was a chili morning and we were cruising on a long trip to Rotorua. I went with the Smokefree-Pacifica-Beats national champions Babylon Rhythm. During our trip we saw the beautiful farms in Matamata and we enjoyed the amazing sites of the beautiful landscapes and forest’s.

It was very long journey. When I saw the Whare, We were told that we could stay in any room so I rushed straight in and looked for the best room possible.

At Ten o’ clock in the morning, I went to the stadium with the boys and had a sound check before smoke-free-pasifica beats nationals.

After the sound check, we were all sweaty, smelly and exhausted. So we decided to go for a swim just next-door to our whare. I jumped in like a dolphin but swam like a dog because the water was so cold, I was freesing.

After the nationals finished, the next day was our final day to experience the whole of Rotorua. First up we headed past the Maori villages and ewwwwwwwwwwww it was smelly, but the carvings at the marae were amazing. Next we went to the museum and looked at some of it’s history. Our final stop was at the geyser it was the biggest, bubbliest, hottest water flow I’ve ever seen.

We said our prayers to go home safely and said our goodbyes to the owner of the house. We headed back to our hometown, Auckland.

I really enjoyed experiencing my time at Rotorua, I can’t wait until I go back!!

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