Friday, September 30, 2011

French Conversation

“Hey there madam, I’ve just arrived from the land of the long white clouds New Zealand, and this is my very first time visiting the country with the world’s most beautiful language France of course, Do you know where the Eiffel tower is located?” questioned Peth,
“Oh hey there, it’s located on the Champ de Mars in Paris,” answered Sarah,
“Thank you, replied Pethy, Are there any other fascinating landmarks I could explore in Paris” he asked,
“Oh yes,” there are alot of Landmarks you should visit like The Louve, and the Arc de Triomphe,that’s a famous monument in Paris that honours those who fought for France.” she replied,
“Do you know when the anything about the 2011 french rugby team at the world cup?”
“Oh yes, they are very popular!”
“Who’s there key player?”
“Well, I think all of them are key players, but I think the deadly guy that will kick penalty’s after penalty’s will be the master of kicking Dimitri Yachvili,”
“What’s the colours of their main playing strip,” asked pethy
“It’s the colours Blue and Dark blue,”
“Who is this Napoleon guy, Everybody always talks about him back home,” Sarah exclaimed, “You dont know Napoleon! Napoleon is the most charismatic general in French history, He was the very first Emperor of France, He is very very famous in France.”
“Do you know a special place that honours Napoleon here in France?” asked Pethy,
“Are you going to question me all day?, Of course I know a place, I’ve lived here for over 40 years! It’s just a block away from the Eiffel Tower, you won’t miss it!”
“Thank you very much for answering my questions, I will certainly visit all of the landmarks and take souvenirs back home.”