Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Innovative Cars

The past has changed and the future has arrived! Modern cars have changed over the past century, from an old, three-wheel car, into a flash four- wheel car.

The first petrol engine car to ever have been driven on land was driven by Karl Benz. (Karl Friedrich Benz, engine designer and car engineer.)

Henry Ford, the person who started the Ford Motor Company, had an idea of creating an assembly line. An assembly line is a way of creating new products, a safe and quick way of making products. Using this assembly line the Ford Motor Company has been successful by innovating in motor vehichles to be sold all around the world.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Highlights, Lowlights and What I'm Looking Forward to!

One of my highlights from last term was becoming a prefect, it was a privilege becoming one of 8 outstanding role models of this school. One of my favourite parts of being a prefect highlights of last term, was getting to greet visitors to our school and also thank special people.

One of my low lights from last term was coming 7th in our Auckland Softball Tournament. We were struggling having to play the top softball players in Auckland, so that tournament was like another nightmare.

What I’m looking forward to do this term is my rugby, I have been training for weeks now and started focusing on more skills of becoming a better, stronger and a faster player. I am very hyped for the Walter Dickson trials and the Bill Mclaren trials. I really hope I make it in to one these two Auckland rep teams.