Monday, October 31, 2011

My Mnemonic!

This is a little slideshow which is called a mnemonic, a mnemonic is a memory device that will make you remember something in order. Our topic for term 4 is called 'Outta This World' we a learning things out of our world such as different types of galaxies and planets. Please enjoy our little Mnemonic of the planets beside the Dwarf planets, in order that are in our galaxy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Silly Sports Day!

Speed walking away with our legs tied together while carrying a tennis ball on a spoon, was me and my classmate Tyler. We zoomed off, determined to beat the other students in our classroom, We finnally beat the others in our heat and we were off to the play offs game, the play offs was a game that will decide which top 2 teams will represent our classroom in the finals against the top 2 teams from each of the 4 classes which are room 19,20,21 and room 22. Unfortunately we came up with an embarrasing defeat by the other teams in our class and we were not representing our classroom.

There were 4 games runned by the teachers from each of the four classrooms. My teacher Mr Hariss hosted the game we just previously played, Ms Tito hosted a game where we had to slingshot different types of balls and had to perfectly land or roll into the hoop. Mrs Lagitupu runned a game with us, which was basically like ball tiggie but you can't run with the ball and tag them.

My favourite team game of the day was runned by room 22's teacher Mrs Nua. We had to go in to 4 even teams. The aim of the game was the first team that could use a sponge by making it contain a heap of water and filling the empty bucket up, but we had to put the sponge side and under until it got to the last person who had to run with the sponge to the front of the line and refill it with water by just putting it in! The winner will be decided on which team filled the empty bucket up the most! My team had a strategy by just passing the sponge side by side so we could squeeze in a heap of water! Our strategy came out on top, We won all of our matches by just using the same strategy!

At the end of the day there were no finals, we were all mad but happy at the sametime because we had a very weird sports day. As I was strolling along the footpalth back to class, I thought to myself, "I can't wait until the next different kinds of silly and unique sport's day we are going to have"