Thursday, April 29, 2010

We had fun!!

On Friday my teacher Ms Tito took the top three students of
last term for afternoon tea.  Ms Tito took us to the beach
that looks across to the beautiful volcano,  Rangitoto Island.
The three students were Gabrielle, April and I.  The reason
Ms Tito took Gabrielle was that she was The student of
the term.  Me,  It was because I was Beautiful, Nah It was
because I was the Basic Facts Champion.   The reason
April went with us was because her and the student of the term
Gabrielle were the first people in our class room19 to make a podcast.

At St Heliers beach we ate hotdogs, Burgers and Hot chips.
Here's a movie I made from the flip video.


  1. Feki I would like to say that I was very impressed with your piece of writing for this post. When I checked it in google docs I couldn't believe that you had only made a couple of very minor grammatical errors. If you keep this up you may be going again next term for 'Most Improved Writer'. Keep up the fabulous posts.
    Ms T x

  2. Feki what a great post and excellent use of the flip camera. Shame that you support the Hurricanes, oh well, could be worse, you could like the Blues. I have to say that Miss Tito sounds like she has some excellent prizes and rewards to motivate your class for the year!
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato. That's were the Chiefs Live!

  3. Hay Feki,
    This Ms T big sister, (big Ms T) man you guys are lucky aye! eating fish n chips, man you fellas spoilt aye! she doesnt buy me fish n chips lol.
    Anyway keep kool till after school.
    Be good and have a good day tomorrow.
    (Big Ms T. )

  4. Hi Feki,
    You must of had a fun time at mission bay and drinking all those fizzy even though that was not good for you. But keep it.
    From Rita.

  5. Hi Feki,
    You must of had a fun time at mission bay and drinking all those fizzy even though that was not good for you. But keep it up.
    From Rita.

  6. Congratulations on s successful term of working towards your goal. Well done. You have posted a fantastic report of you reward outing. You have made a lot of people jealous :) Mrs Burt

  7. Hey you guys.
    looks like you guys had fun at mission bay. I just wish I was there. well its good you guys had fun. see you later and bye.


  8. Wow - you lucky people! I would have loved to come and video for you because you all looked busy having lunch : ). I hope this post serves as a good reminder for Room 19 about striving to succeed this term. I wonder who will be this term's winners. Keep up the good work team, thanks Feki for sharing about three very hard working students.
    Mrs Tele'a

  9. Hi Feki,

    We think that you deserved to have a treat for being an awesome student. Congratulations for making the Walter Dickson's second rugby trials. Good luck and we're proud of you!

    From Tuitalau and Miss Va'afusuaga


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