Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our DLO assessment for Term One

Last term we were asked to make movies showing our understanding of some of the korero that helps our students remember the 'Pt England Way'. We worked in groups of 5 or 6 and were assessed on a number of things.
The post you are about to see is our DLO. We gained the top mark in the class. If you check the rubric (above), you will see our final assessment.


  1. Hey Feki sam here awsome movie!! its really good to use your wits and also be kind to the visitors.

  2. Good work team. Great to see your take on a couple of our school korero. It's always good to have it reinforced in different ways. Keep it going team!
    Mrs Tele'a

  3. Hey Feki I like you movie and it called use your wits and be kind to the visitors

    By Damien


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