Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two Countries That Did Not Qualify!

This task was about countries that did not qualify for the Rugby World Cup. We got to research some countries that the I.R.B did not recognised.

This is Colombia’s national Flag.

Colombia's Capital City is Bogota.

The population of Colombia is estimated to the number of 45,659,709 people.

Colombia is part of the south american continent.

The most popular sport that Colombia plays is soccer.

This is the national flag of Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea Capital City is Port Moresby.

The population of Papua New Guinea is estimated to the number of 6,732,159 people.

Sport is an important part of the national culture. Rugby League is the most popular Sport in Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea is located East and South-east of asia.


  1. Hi Feki I like you excitement piece of writing. I did not know that there was a county name Columbus. Keep up the good job bye.

  2. Hey Feki wanted to write about you writing you wrote but I know that you go to a different school but I want to know the your school name is.

    From Timoteo Room 17


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