Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Waitangi Day Outing!!

It was a hot and steamy Waitangi afternoon, It was Bob Marley’s birthday. My cousin, My aunt and I were cruising on a 20min drive to Okahu Bay. Their was an annual “Waitangi Day Summer Festival”. My favourite two reggae bands Katchafire and 1814 were both performing at the festival, I felt ecstatic! getting to meet them sing live!

As I arrived, I was buzzing out with excitement listening to 1814 sing their hit song “My Dear Friend”. My cousin and I zoomed off to buy a heap of “Tribal Roots” clothes, My favourite two words.We headed straight towards the magnificent huge stage. The huge roaring crowd, danced and sang along with Katchafire singing Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’ single “Three Little Birds”.

We had fun playing arcade games, Hitting each other with plastic hammers and enjoyed experiencing our first ever Waitangi day outing!!.

We cruised our way to the famous Mission Bay and had Great Tongs, and headed our way back home. So I thought to myself, I can’t wait to go back next year!!


  1. I am Lisa Taylor a student in EDM310 at University of South Alabama.I enjoyed hearing about your Waitangi Day celebration.The day sounded like a lot of fun.I was not sure what it was,so I did a Google search to find out.I do not know if you know about Independence Day on July 4th in America.I enjoyed learning some history about your country.

  2. Hi my name is Miranda Tidikis. I am a college student at University of South Alabama in EDM 310 class. As part of an assignment I am reading your blog.
    I really enjoyed reading about your experience at the Waitangi Day celebration. I think it is really neat that you like reggae. I do not know many kids your age here in the United States who listen to reggae. After reading your blog I went looking for what Waitangi Day was. Thank you for sharing your expereince and your culture.


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